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North Dakota is indeed a place very much in flux.   The natural mineral and energy resources that abound on this high plains state are an important part of our economy, and can and should be  developed.  But at the same time, North Dakota has an historic natural landscape, and vibrant traditional farming communities perfectly suited for natural, wholesome life on the great plains.
As North Dakota moves into the 21st century it must develop these three pillars in a balanced way-- natural mineral-energy resources, a natural landscape,  and the healthy communities that live here   Our company, in partnership with®, is devoted to achieving this balancing act. 

As our readers will see, is a global site, dedicated to bringing together the world community of like-minded persons, for the purpose of regaining a natural balance.   What follows are a few links and information related to the small community of Mandan, a place of commerce, agriculture, and Native-American history.

Agricultural products are not new to the plains around Mandan.  Lewis and Clark, while on their trek to find a passage to the Pacific Ocean, stopped over in Mandan and were treated to similar products cultivated by the Mandan Native Americans.  Their friendship and hospitality towards the explorers was instrumental in the success of the Expedition  which opened up the territory nearly two hundred years ago.
Todays agriculture remains a dominant economic force in the area and state.  In state processing and  worldwide exporting of quality grains, livestock and other agricultural  products are big  business.

For more information on the Dakota Mandan indian heritage, the following links are provided.

Native Americans - Mandan

National Geographic: Lewis & Clark—Tribes—Mandan Indians lewisandclark/record_tribes_010_5_3.html



Remember 911
Remember 911

Native American Art

Five Nations

Five Nations Arts, located in the former Northern Pacific Railway depot in Mandan, North Dakota. Five Nations Arts sells authentic, hand-crafted work of local Native Americans. The art ranges from inexpensive jewelry and dream catchers to exquisite sculptures and original oil paintings.

We do have some of our products available for viewing online:

Be sure to check out Beadwork, Weaponry, Pottery, Shields, Jewelry